Baldur Heppenheimr

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Baldur Heppenheimr

Post by Warzum on September 22nd 2015, 10:36 pm

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Birth name: Baldur.
Middle name: Yngvarr.
Family name: Heppenheimr.

Birth place: Germany, Hamburg.
Date of Birth: 24th of May, 1975.

Profession: Nationalists Workers Party, Manager of Materials Production.
Known affiliations: Nationalists Workers Party of America.
Affiliation Information: Chairman.

Baldur Heppenheimr was born in 1975 in Germany, Hamburg. An individual with opinions toward nationalsocialism and strict business. Baldur were raised where he were born, but as soon as he met up with Karl they'd move to The United States and settle down in San Andreas, Los Santos. Where they organized an territory based chapter of The Germanic Dominion.

Despite Baldur's political point of views, he has been commiting business with people of different races and ethnic backgrounds, only to provide for himself and his corporation financial funds to raise as the dominion wish to proceed farther. By the year of 2015, Baldur opened his own political party, Nationalists Workers Party of America. NWPA. As just another cover up for their illegal businesses within the firearms distribution.

Nationalist and Patriotic minded, who's also strict in business and hierarchy. Tend to follow the nationalsocialism and it's ideology. Against the Abrahamic religions such as Judaism, Christendom and Islam. Devoted and supportive toward Neo Paganism and ancient ways of living. Easily angered when intimidated and provoked, despite this he tend to keep his cool and is rather calm. Especially during trading and important deals which could benefit his status and reputation as well his operations' statuses and reputation.

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Re: Baldur Heppenheimr

Post by #Barry on September 25th 2015, 3:23 pm

Good one, buddy. I might come along with you if there's are two accounts allowed.

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